[ Matrix Calculator ]

Thirty-five years ago when I was a student at Texas A&M, we had to solve linear algebra problems by hand [...] Sometimes the professor could only give us no more than four problems on a test because of the time it would take to invert even a 3x3 matrix — and one little sign error on the matrix inversion could totally mess up your solution. This app is simple to use and gives instant results.

Rational numbers and decimals

The app uses fractions as default, but you can select to display decimals. Go to system app - Settings and find [ Matrix Calculator ] and move the slider to activate decimal representation or simply long press the '/' or ',' button.

Landscape (available in PRO)

With the horizontal view we added new operations such as sum, subtract and power of a matrix.

Copy & paste

The app allows you to store in the memory unlimited number of matrices. To copy a matrice make a long press gesture on the desired matrix. To paste it you need to make a long press gesture on the screen before starting a new matrix (e.g. after pressing multiplication)

Unlimited matrix size

You can create a matrix of any size. If the matrix is bigger than the screen you can move it with your finger. The expression on the screen are totally movable!

Day/night mode

We have prepared two color themes - light - which is set as default and dark for those who prefer to work during the night. If you are using iOS 13+, automatic changes between the appearance modes will occur according to the system setting. You can also choose theme while force touching the icon on the home screen.

Transparent mode (available in PRO)

We have noticed that is not comfortable to copy from a book after looking at the device's screen. That is why we prepared Transparent mode. It allows to focus the sight just on one thing - the screen - as the app become transparent. It is now possible to watch the book and screen at the same time. To start Transparent mode tap the button on the upper left corner.

Gesture support

Besides the provided buttons to add a row or column we also made possible to perform this actions - adding a row/column - by swiping a finger across the keyboard down or right. The app supports all 4 directions of swiping, to move backwards simply swipe left or up.

Large number support with repeating detection

The calculator supports large numbers. Moreover, in the decimal representation we implemented automatic detection of a number whose digits are periodic (1/3 is 0.(3))